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5 Benefits of Bathing and Good Temperatures for Bathing

There are so many benefits of taking a bath. Do you know any of them? Today, we will explain those benefits and good temperatures for bathing.

1. Bathing relieves fatigue and relaxes the body Many of you may be feeling some kind of physical or mental discomfort, such as irritability or a lack of calmness. Some of you may be confused by the fluctuation of your feelings as you spend more time at home due to the influence of stay-home or remote work. In such cases, detoxify your body and mind through relaxation by taking a bath. We'll introduce the benefits of taking a bath, the optimal temperature for bathing, and effects of bath powders. Bathing raises body temperature and metabolism. The body's waste and fatigue substances are easily eliminated from the body, and oxygen and nutrients are carried to every corner of the body by the blood, which makes the body feel refreshed and relieves fatigue. Warming up the body also relieves tension in the muscles and joints. Some people may suffer from shoulder or back pain caused by working on a computer at home, but since these pains are caused by strained muscles, bathing is likely to improve them. In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant when bathing. When the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, it is easier to feel relaxed, and you'll feel more at ease as your stiff body and mind are released. 2. Bathing improves blood flow When water pressure is applied to the body through bathing, pressure is exerted on blood vessels under the skin. Blood is pushed out of the body like a pump, and the heart becomes more active, which improves blood and lymph flow. Improved blood flow is also effective in relieving coldness, so bathing is recommended for those suffering from chronic coldness. 3. Bathing increases metabolism Bathing increases metabolism and improves skin tone. Recently, more and more people are suffering from rough skin caused by masks, and bathing is recommended for these people as well. An elevated metabolism is the same state as when warming up before exercise. By taking a bath before exercising and warming up your body, you'll be less prone to injury. 4. Bathing increases quality of sleep When people fall asleep, their deep body temperature (the temperature inside the body, including the brain and internal organs) lowers, and this function facilitates smooth onset of sleep and comfortable sleep. Although the body temperature naturally lowers without any action, raising the deep body temperature slightly by taking a bath can facilitate falling asleep and get a good night's sleep. Bathing should be done one to two hours before going to bed. Ideally, skin temperature should be high and deep body temperature low for good sleep. Bathing increases blood flow to the skin, dissipates heat from the skin, and lowers the deep body temperature, allowing for a good night's sleep. 5. Half-body bathing gives detoxification effect on the skin Half-body bathing helps detoxify the skin. Detoxification is a health and beauty treatment that releases toxins accumulated in the body. By taking a half-body bath, the body temperature rises gradually, making it easier to perspire. Sweat is responsible for expelling waste from the body, so if the body is effectively warmed up like a sauna by taking a half-body bath, it'll be easier to perspire. If you want to enhance the effect, adding massage is also recommended. Focus on lymph nodes such as the ankles and knees, and massage them to drain clogged lymph. If there is pain, the lymph may be clogged, but continuing to do so will help smooth the flow and increase the detoxification effect. Temperature of bath When taking a bath, pay attention to the temperature setting. Thermal effects, such as relieving fatigue and relaxing the body, are meaningless unless the temperature is higher than body temperature and the bath is taken for a certain length of time. Ideally, the water temperature should be 38-40°C / 100-104°F, higher than body temperature, and the bathing time should be about 10 minutes. Some people like hot water or take long baths, but this is not recommended in order to obtain the aforementioned thermal benefits. For example, when you bathe in water at 42°C / 104°F or higher, the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant. The sympathetic nervous system works when one is in a state of intense tension, and although it is effective when one wants to feel refreshed, it does not provide a relaxing effect. In addition, if you take a long bath, your body temperature will rise too high, and you will suffer from heat stroke.


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