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Mochitsuki Festival

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Experience traditional Japanese mochi making

with a hollowed out tree trunk and wooden mallet.

The Annual Mochitsuki Festival will be held on December 28th, Friday, 2018. Mochitsuki (the pounding to make rice cake) is one of the traditional activities in Japan that you often see it around New Year. Special rice, which is stickier than normal rice, is used to make mochi. We invite you to participate in the mochi making process, taste mochi samples and purchase a variety of mochi here in the store.

Mochi making performances will occur at 1:00, 1:45 and 2:30 pm on the day of the festival, and customer participation is encouraged! Come, see, taste and participate in this traditional Japanese experience!

年末恒例、餅つき大会を12月28日(金)に開催いたします。伝統的な杵と臼を用いた本格的な餅つきです。つきたてお餅をその場でしょうゆ、きなこ、あんこ、おろしもちとご一緒にご試食いただけます。 餅つきは1回目13:00、2回目13:45、3回目14:30の計3回行います。お客様も餅つきにご参加いただけます。


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