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2/22 Neko no Hi Cat Day Recipes

(Recipe) Paw Shaped Japanese Hamburg Steak

Celebrate the Japanese National Cat Day with a dish in the shape of a cat paw. Make a very tasty hamburger steak with mayonnaise + yakiniku Japanese barbecue sauce that will be surely loved by both adults and children. The juiciness of the meat goes well with mayonnaise very well.

Ingredients (14 pieces):

<Hamburger Steak>

17.6 oz./500 g of ground meat

1 egg

1 tsp of sugar

2 tbsp of panko bread crumbs

2 tbsp of milk

Appropriate amount of salt and pepper

2 tbsp of yakiniku Japanese barbecue sauce

Nutmeg to taste (optional)


1.7 fl.oz./50 ml of yakiniku Japanese barbecue sauce

1 tsp of katakuriko potato starch

1 tsp of water

Mayonnaise to taste

*Everything but milk and nutmeg is available at out store.


1. Make the sauce. Put the yakiniku Japanese barbecue sauce in a small heatproof bowl and microwave for 1 minute, then add the katakuriko potato starch dissolved in the water, mix well, and microwave for another 1 minute until the sauce thickens. Mix well.

2. In a separate bowl, combine all the ingredients for the hamburger steak and knead well.

3. Place a parchment sheet on a baking pan for the oven and put 14 pieces of round-shaped hamburger steak made with what you prepared in step 2.

4. Make paw-shaped dents in the hamburger steak. It is easier to do with a pinky finger.

*An actual cat paw has 4 fingers, not 3. It is up to you how many dents you make.

5. Fill the dents with mayonnaise. Then, bake in a preheated oven at 480°F/250℃ for 12 minutes.

6. After cooling, brush with the sauce from step 1. Focus on the areas that are not covered with mayonnaise.


Make sure to make the dents deep enough to get the mayonnaise into them.


(Recipe) Cat-Shaped Onigiri Rice Ball

If you make the cat paws, you will want the cat heads as well to make your meal even cuter, won't you? You do not have to worry. We have got you! Even if you do not use an onigiri mold, you can make a cat, a bear, or a rabbit by learning this recipe. Try making your favorite kind of cat!

Ingredients (1 piece):

1/2 bowl of rice

Appropriate amount of nori seaweed

Appropriate amount of bonito flakes or soy sauce

A little amount of mayonnaise

Your favorite filling (optional)

Directions (white cat):

1. Wrap the rice in a plastic wrap and make a ball shape. Sprinkle salt on the wrap so you do not have to mix it with the rice. If you want to add some filling, do so to your taste.

2. Shape the rice into the shape of a cat head.

3. You can use the tip of chopstick to make a better shape.

4. Cut the nori seaweed to make the eyes and mouth. Attach them with a thin layer of mayonnaise to the rice. A white cat is ready!

If you want to make a bicolor cat...

1. Add bonito flakes and soy sauce to the rice for the brown part.

2. Mix it with white rice and follow the directions above.

If you want to make a calico cat...

1. After making the cat head shape, tear the nori seaweed by hand and make incisions for the ear, then attach it.

2. Sprinkle bonito flakes mixed with soy sauce.

3. Wrap again in a plastic wrap.

If you want to make a black cat...

1. Wrap the whole thing in nori seaweed. Cut incisions at the edges to wrap better.

2. Use some cheese or ham and more nori seaweed for the eyes and nose. Attach them with a thin layer of mayonnaise to the rice.


We will show you cute cat photos in the next blog post!


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