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Washi Tape

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorites from our stationery and papercraft section-- none other than the cute, but simple washi tape! The subject of recent journaling and papercraft Pinterest fame, washi tape refers to an entire class of decorative tapes made from traditional Japanese rice paper! These tapes have a texture similar to masking tape, albeit softer and easier to tear, and are embellished with interesting patterns, motifs, and even shapes. Washi tape is particularly interesting in that, due to the combination of it’s specific adhesive and fibers, once it is stuck, it is water resistant and heat proof, but still removable and reusable, in case you decide that you want it somewhere else. The combination of its durability and potential for reuse makes it ideal for all sorts of decorating.

Washi tape shines its brightest when used for embellishment, rather than construction. The thin nature of the tape means that when put under stress or forced to bear a load, it is likely to tear rather than support. Use it for greeting cards, photo borders, bookmark decorations, in journals and scrapbooks, or to spruce your favorite notebooks up a bit. In addition to being wonderful for decorating paper, washi tape can also be applied to tons of other surfaces for a cute and crafty twist. The width means washi tape can fit easily along the edges of shelves, and its flexibility and stickiness means it can be used to decorate jars, candles, barrettes, pencils and more.

To find our selection of washi tapes, check our stationery department in the store, or our online Kairashi shop! We have a wide variety of tapes including solid colors, interesting illustrative patterns, and even unusual die-cut tapes with varying borders and edges. Our washi tapes are fairly affordable as well, with the simplest patterns pricing at around $3.99, and the most complex ones topping out at just under $10.

Can’t make it to the store? Our online Kairashi Shop ships nationwide!


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