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Toppo Strawberry

New at Maido, and just in time for spring is Toppo Strawberry! Similar in shape to Pejoy, Toppo features a long, stick-shaped pretzel biscuit filled to the brim on either end with delicious strawberry white chocolate cream. The chocolate is made using both Benihoppe and Akihime strawberries-- two of the most popular and delicious varieties in Japan-- ensuring a flavor that is sweet and slightly tart with a wonderful strawberry aroma. With the cream on the inside of the biscuit, there is no worry of getting your hands sticky as you dig in. Toppo is known for rotating its flavors according to season, so Toppo Strawberry will only be available for a short time, while supplies last! Be sure to pick one up on your next trip to Maido, or toss it in your e-grocery cart while shopping online today!


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