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Tennen Koubo Pan: Orange, Choco-Filled and Caramel

New, at Maido are three additional flavors of Tennen Koubo Pan-- orange, caramel, and chocolate-filled! Tennen koubo pan, or natural sprouted yeast bread is a new addition to our bakery section. Perfect for snacking, or as an after-dinner treat, these breads are lighty, fluffy, and delicately sweet. The dough in each pastry roll has been folded with layers of tasty filling, and even tastier fluffy bread. The naturally sprouted yeast makes the dough especially smooth and buttery, with enough moisture that each bite collapses deliciously in your mouth. The orange flavor feels like biting a bread-textured creamsicle, and the caramel brings the warm and sweet feeling of chewy caramels to mind, while the chocolate-filled evokes a similar experience to nutella-covered croissants, just minus the hazle-nuts. Indulge in a tea-time sweet treat and be sure to pick up tennen koubo pan on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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