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Summer Wagashi Cups

New, at Maido are summer wagashi cups by our favorite supplier of traditional sweets, Imuraya! Just for the season, we have two traditional summer desserts available in a convenient jello-cup size: wafu mizu yokan, and zenzai. Wafu mizu yokan is a type of red bean jelly made with agar agar. It has the sweet and slightly savory taste of red bean paste suspended in a smooth, but still relatively thick and firm jelly. Delightful when chilled, this particular wafu mizu yokan comes in two-pack and will absolutely melt in your mouth. Zenzai is a type of dessert soup made from sweetened red beans. In the winter it is eaten hot, often with chunks of grilled mochi rice cake, and in the summer it is eaten cold either on its own, or as a topping for kakigori shaved ice. This particular zenzai is delicious at either preferred temperature, and comes in a convenient two-pack for sharing with a friend. Treat yourself this summer Japanese-style and check out our seasonal specials section for summer wagashi cups on your next visit to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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