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Shirako Nori Snacking Seaweed

New at Maido are Snacking Seaweeds by Shirako Nori! The maker of many quality nori products, Shirako Nori has released two new flavors of nori specifically for snacking: Kyushu Yuzu Pepper, and Tokai Ise Lobster flavor. This snacking seaweed has been dried to the perfect crispy texture, making it a little drier than your average nori, but not oily the way roasted laver seaweed tends to be. The Kyushu Yuzu Pepper flavor has delightful and surprisingly strong citrus bite with a hint of spiciness towards the end mimicking the taste of a freshly made yuzu-kosho paste. This, layered on top of the natural umami flavor of the seaweed makes for a wonderfully complex but still very light snack. The Tokai Ise Lobster flavor is a bit more simple in its presentation-- it has a strong, salty, briney flavor combined with the taste of lobster, making it almost like ebi-sen, if ebi-sen tasted even more like the sea than they already do. Both flavors are excellent eaten as-is straight out of the container. They are also delicious crushed up and sprinkled over rice as furikake, or even put into ramen as a garnish. Next time you’re in the mood for a light, but delicious snack be sure to pick up one of these! Can’t make it into the store? For a limited time, Maido is doing online grocery shopping and delivery!


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