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New, at Maido is Shioame, a hard candy by Kasugai Seika. Shioame translates literally to “salt candy” and is a popular hard candy typically eaten by Japanese people in the summer. Summer in Japan is notoriously humid, and any time spent outside usually results in profuse sweating. As a result, salt candy is a common treat enjoyed by people with the intention of restoring some of the salt their bodies lose during the sticky, hot season. That said, shioame is not terribly salty tasting, instead being mildly sweet and slightly savory with a flavor balance somewhat similar to butterscotch. Kasugai Seika shioame is the most cherished brand, featuring real Hakata sea salt. Hakata sea salt is favored due to its rich umami taste and subtle bittern components that work together with the other ingredients of the candy to create a flavor that is gently sweet, but still refreshing and replenishing. With the hot and humid days of summer on their way, now is a perfect time to stock up. Stop by our candy section and pick up a bag of shioame on your next visit to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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