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Sakeru Grape Gummies

New, at Maido are Sakeru Grape Gummies in both bite size, and extra long varieties! Made famous by the 11-part series of TV commercials, titled The Long, Long Man, Sakeru Grape Gummies pack a punch in terms of flavor, texture, and fun. The name “Sakeru” means “to tear” in Japanese, and as such the gummies are textured with lengthwise ridges so they can be easily ripped into strips. This is an especially satisfying feat if you choose to go with the extra long version of the candy rather than the bite size. Measuring a whopping 50 centimeters in length (about 20 inches) the extra long Sakeru Grape Gummy is as entertaining as it is delicious. Sakeru Grape Gummies are made with real grape juice and have deliciously potent grape aroma. At the same time, they manage to not be overly sugary, instead embodying the sweet and tangy nature of grapes in their flavor. Get tearing and be sure to pick up a pack of Sakeru Grape Gummies on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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