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Saborino Morning Face Masks

An entire Japanese style skin-care regimen in only 60 seconds? Sounds fake, but okay. Turns out this is actually a real thing, and is the entire premise of BCL’s Saborino skincare line. Even the name Saborino is a play on words, based on the verb “saboru” (サボる) which means to slack off or skip class. Saborino’s morning face masks are designed to give your skin a full regimen’s worth of hydration and care in just one minute of wear. Simply open the package, lay the mask across your face and relax for a quick minute. Then remove the mask and pat the extra essence into your skin to complete the hydrating action, and your skin is good to go.

Here, at Maido we currently carry four varieties of Saborino morning face masks, each with their own unique scents and properties-- white strawberry, vitamin smoothie, berry smoothie, and white yuzu. The white strawberry features strawberry extract from Japan’s rare and beautiful actually white strawberry. This gives the face mask a pleasant strawberry scent to go with it’s all-in-one cleansing toning and hydrating action. The mask can be used without a prior wash, as the texture of the sheet mask itself works to lift debris and dead skin cells from the skin. The white strawberry morning mask also contains jojoba oil for an extra hit of hydration that lasts all day.

The vitamin smoothie and berry smoothie masks both work under the same set of principles-- combine face wash, toning and moisturizer into one step, and support skin using superfruit extracts for extra smoothing, firming and brightening. The vitamin smoothie uses extracts from guava, acerola, and lemon to focus on brightening and tightening skin while having a pleasant tropical scent. The berry smoothie utilizes acai, raspberry and pineapple to focus on antioxidants and polyphenols-- both of which work together to reduce inflammation and help skin to repair itself from things like acne and sun damage.

And finally, the white yuzu morning mask combines Saborino’s all-in-one technology with the awesome power of yuzu citrus juice. Yuzu fruit juice has several well-known skincare benefits, including high concentrations of antioxidants which help skin cell repair and collagen production, moisturizing properties, and a unique scent that is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. The white yuzu morning face mask will leave your skin feeling bright, youthful and smooth while the scent helps you mentally prepare for your day.

Start your morning right with a morning face mask from Saborino. Perfect for travel, busy lifestyles, or just the occasional day where you feel like being a little lazy, these masks pack a full skincare routine into an ultra convenient minute and leave your skin feeling refreshed in record time. Treat yourself to happy skin and a quick and easy start to your day. Be sure to grab a pack of Saborino face masks on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries, and other essentials!

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