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Ebi Mayo, Butter, and Cheese Curry Arare

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

We have three new arrivals to our rice cracker selection! They are shrimp mayonnaise, potato butter, and cheese curry arare by Morihaku. Arare refers to rice crackers that are small, bite sized and perfect for crunchy snacking and this new series of flavors is no exception to that. The shrimp mayonnaise flavor perfectly combines the sharp, briney saltiness of shrimp with a smooth creamy aftertaste of kewpie mayo, all packed in a bite-sized crunch. The butter potato arare features a novel rounded shape, evocative of the potato the flavor comes from. The taste truly lives up to its name, with a smooth buttery starchiness that unmistakably brings to mind the deliciousness of a buttered, baked potato. The cheese curry flavor has a delightfully complex spicy punch, peppery and deep, with a slightly cheesy finish making it a delicious bite of curry you can carry in your pocket. Be sure to stop in and pick up yours today!


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