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Ultra Soft Huggable Plush Toys!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Here at Maido, we have a huge selection of plush toys in stock, just in time for the holidays! Imported straight from Japan, our collection features a restock of the squishy Mochipuni pigs, cats and birds, and the return of the extremely popular sleepy-looking Nemu Nemu Animals, available now as cats, dogs, bears, and penguins. New this season are characters from the delightfully quirky plush series Roomie’s Party. Fashioned to look like simple cartoon animals come to three-dimensional life, the Roomie’s Party plushes feature a lobster, dinosaur, disapproving tuxedo cat, anteater, shark with a bow tie, jellyfish, kangaroo, pig and blepping lizard with a short tongue-- all adorned with a small party hat for festivity. Our plushies come in two sizes-- large, averaging about 2-3 feet in length for maximum huggability, and small, averaging about 1 foot in length for those with more limited space. Our supplies are limited, so be sure to stop in for yours today!


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