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Morihaku Rice Crackers

New at Maido are Morihaku rice crackers in three never-before-seen flavors! Kongari corn, wasabi nori and black bean flavors join the ever-popular cheese curry and shrimp mayonnaise Morihaku rice crackers in our senbei section. The kongari corn flavor uses real, Hokkaido-grown corn flour to pack in the delicious taste of grilled corn into each and every bite. Crunchy, salty, and somehow buttery, the kongari corn is a must-have if you corn on the cob fresh off the grill. The wasabi nori flavor perfectly balances the salty, slightly briney flavor of nori seaweed with the unmistakable spiciness of real wasabi. Made with just enough wasabi to let you know without overpowering the nose, wasabi nori is sure to be a hit among fans of it’s signature spicy tingle. The black bean flavor is a bit gentler than the others-- the black bean pieces add a nice touch of heartiness and weight to each cracker without compromising the texture. Indulge in some top tier snacking and be sure to grab a bag of Morihaku rice crackers on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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