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Momo Puri Skincare

Here, at Maido, we care about your self-care. So much so that we have an entire section of our store devoted to bringing you the best in terms of Japanese personal care items. From specialty hair care items to bath salts, cosmetics, and skin care products, we strive to put the “personal” in personal care. One of the newest additions to our collection is BCL’s famous Momo Puri skincare line. Built around the concept of making skin feel fresh, soft and bouncy like the surface of a ripe peach, Momo Puri products use a combination of peach-derived ceramide technology and lactobacillus cultures to absolutely deliver on their promise of peachy skin. The entire lineup consists of a sheet mask, booster serum, lotions, face cream, cleanser, and limited edition sleep mask. Check the run-down below to find out which Momo Puri product will best fit your skincare routine (or start from the ground up and get them all!)

Peach Moisturizing Cleansing Face Wash

A quality cleanser that is compatible with your skin type provides the base for any skincare routine, and this cleanser can certainly live up to that standard. Momo Puri’s Peach Moisturizing Cleansing Face Wash possesses a luxurious foaming action that is strong enough to remove makeup, but still gentle enough to leave skin feeling bouncy and moist after a good wash. The presence of K-1 strain lactobacillus helps to balance the skin’s natural microfauna which in turn helps to prevent breakouts, while the peach-derived ceramides work to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and prevent moisture loss. To make matters even better, this cleanser is endowed with a lovely peach scent making it perfect either as a standalone product, or as part of a greater skincare routine.

Peach Moisturizing Lotion

After cleanser, comes moisturizer, and Momo Puri has three options of varying strengths for this category. All three products have roughly the same construction in terms of active ingredients, but vary in terms of how powerful the effects they deliver are. First is the basic Peach Moisturizing Lotion. This lotion contains the lactic acid bacterium EC-12 strain, which focuses on balancing skin flora to improve skin elasticity, peach ceramides for that ever-important skin barrier, and bergamot fruit extract to help tighten pores and deliver deep hydration. Next is the Concentrated Peach Moisturizing Lotion, which delivers the same promise as the Peach Moisturizing Lotion, but with a more dense formula for more drastic results. And finally, we have the Peach Moisturizing Milky Lotion. The milky lotion follows the same principles as the previous two, but with a creamier, milky texture that deeply hydrates skin without leaving it sticky. All three lotions feature Momo Puri’s signature peach scent for an absolutely decadent moisturizing experience.

Peach Puri Moisturizing Dense Serum

Next in the lineup, and in the order of typical skincare delivery, is the Peach Puri Moisturizing Dense Serum. This booster serum comes in an 8-day intensive care package, with each cute, peach-shaped blister delivering one day’s worth of intense peachy goodness. Densely packed with EC-12 strain lactic acid bacterium, peach ceramides, bergamot extract, Vitamins C, E, and A, and hyaluronic acid, the booster serum works to clear skin, moisturize, and tighten pores all in one go with a delightful peach scent to boot.

Peach Moisturizing Gel Cream

As the finisher to the routine, (but not the lineup) we have the Peach Moisturizing Gel Cream. This thick gel cream provides a final, dense hit of balancing lactic acid bacterium, peach ceramides, bergamot extract and vitamins A, C, and E for moisture, and skin tightening that lasts all day.

Limited Edition Cool Sleeping Jelly

Only available seasonally during the hot parts of the year, the Cool Sleeping Jelly is a night mask that follows a similar path as the moisturizing gel cream. Thick and densely packed with lactic acid bacterium, peach ceramides, bergamot extract, and vitamins A, C, and E, the Cool Sleeping Jelly has an additional twist. Distributed throughout the product are clear beads of menthol and squalene for extra smoothness, and a breezy finish to keep you feeling balanced even on hot nights.

Peach Milky Serum Sheet Mask Pack

In case you’re looking for a one-off treat, we have the Peach Milky Serum Sheet Mask! Each mask pack comes with four quality sheet masks, each one absolutely saturated with the Peach Milky Lotion. The convenient sheet mask delivery system makes this ideal as a finisher to your spa day, or as a gift for a friend.


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