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Mizu Yokan 5 Packs

Mizu Yokan 5 packs are back for the summer here at Maido! Mizu yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert made from a combination of agar-agar gelatin, red or white bean paste and sugar. Typically yokan are made of thick gelatin that comes in blocks cut into bite-sized pieces. Mizu yokan is a take on yokan that involves a higher percentage of water so the resulting dessert is much softer and smoother than ordinary yokan. A perfect dessert for a hot summer day, mizu yokan is best enjoyed chilled with a cup of green tea. Our Imuraya Mizu Yokan 5 packs come in two flavors- Red Bean, and Mixed Bean. The red bean flavor features a smooth, dark red gelatin flavored with red bean paste. It has a fairly strong red bean flavor, which, when combined with the bitterness in green tea provides a wonderful refreshing contrast. The mixed bean variety is made with roughly half red bean and white bean paste, which makes the taste much milder and lighter in comparison to the full red bean. Experience the taste of summer in Japan and make sure to pick up a pack of Imuraya Mizu Yokan on your next trip to Maido for groceries and essentials!

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