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Lemon Kakigori Syrup

New, at Maido is lemon syrup for kakigori shaved ice! A favorite during the hot and humid summer months, kakigori is a relatively simple dessert enjoyed throughout Japan and Taiwan (though in Taiwan it goes by a different name). All you really need for kakigori is ice, flavor syrup, and well, an ice shaver (though in a pinch a snow-cone maker will do). When decent quality ice is put through an ice shaving machine, the result is something that resembles a scoop of snow. This is where the flavor syrup comes in. Our lemon kakigori syrup takes a fan-favorite flavor, and perfectly balances the sweet and sour notes with a lively yellow color so that each cup of kakigori you top with it looks as bright and sunny as it tastes. Find lemon kakigori syrup in our seasonal specials section on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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