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Imuraya Wagashi Shop Treats

New, at Maido is a fresh lineup of traditional candy shop sweets, brought to us by our favorite maker of Japanese confections-- Imuraya. Traditional Japanese sweets, called wagashi, are endemic to the country and feature different ingredients and flavors than Western style sweets (which are also very popular in Japan). Wagashi flavors typically utilize red bean paste-- a type of jam made from azuki beans and sugar-- green tea, and a coagulating seaweed called agar agar, and are sorted categorically according to moisture content. To learn more about wagashi, check out this article here!

Our new wagashi lineup includes four summer favorites-- mizuyokan with chunky bean paste, mizuyokan with smooth bean paste, brown sugar warabi mochi, and yuzu citrus arrowroot mochi. Mizuyokan (the ones with the red or purple labels) is a type of agar-based jello brick, sweetened with red bean jam. This one contains a relatively high moisture content, which makes it smooth and scoopable, like a thick pudding. Enjoy it with chunks of beans (the red label), or totally smooth (the purple label) with a cup of iced matcha for a refreshing treat. Warabi mochi (the dark brick with the gold label), is a type of jello-like treat made from bracken starch. This one is soft, smooth, and plenty sweet from the use of brown sugar. Yuzu citrus arrowroot mochi (the lightest colored brick with the yellow-green label) has a similar texture to warabi mochi, resembling a soft and light jello. It is flavored with the juice from yuzu citrus-- a fruit that is native to Japan, and has a unique flavor, somewhat like a cross between a zesty lemon and a mandarin orange. Find this new lineup of sweets in our Featured Items section, along with a whole host of other wagashi on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries and other essentials!

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