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Hikari Shio Koji

Today, we’d like to introduce one of our favorite staple products-- liquid shio koji by Hikari Miso! Shio koji is an all-purpose seasoning made with fermented rice malt (aka koji) and salt (shio, in Japanese). The enzymes from the fermentation process work to break down proteins in meat and fish to enhance umami flavors. Perfect as a component in soup broths or dips, shio koji works especially well as a marinade. In addition to enhancing the flavor, the enzymes in shio koji also work as a tenderizing agent, improving the texture of proteins along with the taste. This particular variety of shio koji is completely gluten free, vegan, and comes in a super-convenient plastic bottle, with no refrigeration required prior to opening. Find it in our sauces aisle, with other Japanese flavor ingredients, such as mirin, soy sauce, and cooking sake. Up your umami game, and be sure to grab a bottle on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries and other essentials!

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