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Hey! Ball

New, at Maido is Hey! Ball, a non-alcoholic soft drink flavored like a whiskey highball. The whiskey highball is an iconic drink in Japan. Ever-popular among after-work izakaya goers, this drink is a favorite for young and old alike. Whisky highballs are strong enough to give a buzz, but not so strong that they’ll render you unable to navigate the train ride home. Factor in the quality craftsmanship behind Japanese whiskeys and the reason behind the drink’s popularity is instantly apparent. But what happens when you love that highball taste, but need to stay sober? That’s where Hey! Ball steps in. Hey! Ball is formulated to mimic the taste and feeling (including the slight alcoholic burn) of a whisky highball, minus any actual impact to the drinker’s sobriety. This means that Hey! Ball can be enjoyed at any time of day without worry. Hey! Ball is perfect for those with dietary restrictions or a personal choice to be sober, but who miss the flash and fun of mixed drinks. Make your happy hour more inclusive and be sure to grab a bottle of Hey! Ball on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials.

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