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Gyokai to Yasai Odashi Ramen

New at Maido, are Gyokai to Yasai Odashi Ramen 5-packs! Gyokai to Yasai Odashi in the name refers to the broth, made with seafood and vegetables rather than the more widely known pork bone and chicken based broths. This style of broth makes for a much lighter, but still wholesome tasting ramen, perfect for lunch or other times when you can’t really afford to get sleepy after eating. We currently carry Gyokai to Yasai Odashi ramen in three broth varieties-- each one with components carefully selected to best highlight the seafood flavor. Shio-katsuo, or salt and bonito flavor is the lightest of the three, and the most subtle in it’s seafood taste. Miso-asari, or miso and clam, comes next combining the warmth of miso with the salty bite of clam. Shouyu-iriko, or soy sauce and anchovy is the boldest of the three flavors, featuring salty soy sauce with the strong flavor ocean taste of dried anchovy. Topped with a few slices of ham, egg, and nori seaweed, each one is tasty enough to absolutely necessitate coming in a 5-pack. Be sure to grab some Gyokai to Yasai Odashi Ramen on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

Can’t make it into the store? For a limited time, Maido is doing online grocery shopping with options for home delivery and curbside pickup!


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