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Gorotto Granola: Uji Matcha with Mochi

New, at Maido as part of our summer matcha lineup, is Nissin Uji Matcha Gorotto Granola! This top tier granola is flavored with real uji matcha and garnished with dried strawberries, sweetened azuki beans, and bite-sized mochi chunks. Gorotto granola is lightly sweetened and packs a delightful crunch, which makes it delicious dry as a snack, or with milk for breakfast. Adding milk to Gorotto granola reveals a special treat-- the matcha flavor of the granola is strong enough to make the milk taste like a matcha latte! Ideal for matcha fans and granola fans alike, Nissin Uji Matcha Gorotto Granola is only here for a limited time! Pick up yours while supplies last on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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