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Friend's Hill Tote with Miyake-san the Cat

New, at Maido is Miyake-san the Cat! The latest print from our popular line of Friend’s Hill tote bags features one of their signature characters-- Miyake-san the Cat! In this limited edition print, Miyake-san sits on a giant plate of tempura with a stylish mustard yellow background. Made of quality Indian cotton, Friend’s Hill tote bags are both durable and cute-- featuring designs of the company’s original characters in all sorts of scenarios. Joining Shibata-san (a shiba-inu), Taa-san (a mischievous white cat), and Sakura and Bunta (a pair of birds), Miyake-san is sure to keep us entertained with whatever he gets up to. Be sure to pick up a tote on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials and take Miyake-san the Cat home while he’s around!

Can’t make it to the store? Maido now offers online grocery shopping with options for home delivery and curbside pick-up!* Looking for housewares, stationery or gifts? Check out our brand-new online gift shop!

*Some restrictions may apply.


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