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Are You Ready for Pocky Day?

The national holiday just for Japan’s most beloved cookie snack is coming up in just a few weeks! November 11, or 11/11 is the day where people around Japan (and the world for that matter) celebrate by eating Pocky. Why November 11? The answer is fairly simple-- when written out, the date resembles the shape of standing Pocky sticks. Pocky Day began on November 11, 1999, which according to the Japanese calendar dating system was 11/11/11-- the perfect day to kick-start a holiday dedicated to the stick-shaped snack.

In Japan, celebrations for Pocky Day have taken a number of forms-- some significantly more outlandish than others. Glico (the company responsible for making Pocky) has sponsored a number of Pocky-themed events in the 20 years since the holiday began, including photo contests, massive product giveaways, entertaining commercials, and even live music events. Celebrations for Pocky Day are not simply corporate, but extend into the personal sphere as well. People often build Pocky towers by stacking Pocky sticks to impressive heights, decorate Pocky with special edible embellishments, and play the Pocky game, where each participant starts eating at one end of the stick until they meet in the middle. They also, of course, spend the day eating lots of Pocky. How do you intend to spend your Pocky Day?


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