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Curbside Pickup

is Now Available!

However, please keep in mind a few things as we have a limited number of members to prepare your orders:

  • We take a limited amount of orders per day

  • There are three pickup windows: 10 - 12 pm, 12 - 2 pm, and 2 pm - 4 pm

  • Notify us if you will be late or unable to pick up your order due to the unforeseen circumstances by email at

  • All unpicked-up orders within the selected date will be canceled

  • Notify us of your preferred pickup locations at the time of checkout: Inside or outside

    • For inside pickup: come into the store and asks us for help! We will bring your order

    • For outside pickup: We will bring your order to the back of our store located on Station Rd. Please call us at 484-417-6745 when you arrive.

    • If you are unable to pick up your order before 4 pm, you MUST pick up your order inside the store

  • Due to inconsistent availability with our suppliers, some items may be out of stock
  • Minimum order is $10 and the service fee is $4.99

  • We provide face masks, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes to our employees to maintain your orders clean.


We have changed our store cleaning routines and kept our team members up to date on the COVID-19 situation to maintain customers' and employees' health. More information is available here.


Some in-store features are not available online due to technical difficulties, such as:

  • MAIDO Rewards

  • MAIDO Gift Card

  • Grocery Returns/Exchanges

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