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There are a few things we ask you to keep in mind due to our limited number of team members:

  • Due to inconsistent availability with our suppliers, some items may be out of stock. We are trying our best to maintain the accurate product availability on the website, however, we are still a family-owned business at the end of the day. An item(s) you order might be out of stock from our physical store because a customer bought the last one at the moment we start picking up your order. We strongly encourage you to enable the substitutions option. 

    • If a requested product is not available and substitution is allowed, your Personal Picker will try to substitute the original with a similar product of equal or higher value. You will only be charged at the original price. If such a product is not available, your Picker will substitute a product with a lower value if one is available. Your order will be updated to reflect the lower cost.

  • The minimum order is $40.


Contactless deliveries: To help you feel confident about safe delivery, we’ve made it easy to have the order left at your doorstep and are working to provide delivery people with sanitizing materials. 


We have changed our store cleaning routines and kept our team members up to date on the COVID-19 situation to maintain customers' and employees' health. More information is available here.


Some in-store features are not available online due to technical difficulties, such as:

  • MAIDO Rewards

  • MAIDO Gift Card

  • Grocery Returns/Exchanges

For more information, please check our FAQs.


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