Average Whole Weight: 1 - 2 lbs


Cultivated in the Ionian Sea, our fish have the best taste, color, and texture from their natural surroundings. We produce high quality, GMO-free, fish rasied in compliance with strict EU standards. Andromeda fish are delivered flawlessly as a result of exact
handling from the fry to the feed to harvesting and packing. All Andromeda products are raised under stringent quality standards, with a very elaborate quality assurance program in place to ensure the best product. A unique barcode number is
applied to all fish during the packaging process to provide full traceability from raw material to the delivery of the final product. The barcode tracks all information from where the broodstock and egg originated, farm location where the product was raised, the feed used, to its final production.

Whole Red Sea Bream Porgy ヨーロピアン鯛

1 Pound
  • Farm Raised (Sea Cage)

  • The final price will be determined at the time of receiving an item from our suppliers. You may get a refund from us based on the weight of an item.

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