Yume No Yume Incense and Plates

Here, at Maido, we are happy to announce a whole host of new products to our gifts selection, namely, new types of incense and incense accessories! Check out these beautiful, seasonally themed Yume no Yume incense sticks and plates! Yume no Yume incense is crafted to evoke dreamy, peaceful images and the sensation of one season gradually slipping into the next. We currently have two seasons available-- fall, and winter. Yume no Yume Fall has a deep and calming scent and packaging decorated with delicate red maple leaves. The matching ceramic burner dish features a similar design, and is perfectly sized to catch the ash from Yume no Yume sticks. Yume no Yume Winter uses a white floral musk scent to evoke a sense of wintery, snow-covered land. The packaging and matching dish share the image of a soft, flying whooping crane-- birds known for spending their winters in the bare rice paddies of Japan. Immerse yourself in the passage of the seasons, and be sure to pick up Yume no Yume incense and accessories on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries, and other essentials!

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