White Peach and Hokkaido Milk Castella

White Peach Castella is baked moistly with peach puree and white peach filling from Okayama prefecture. Enjoy the fresh, gentle scent and moist texture of the white peach castella cake. The Hokkaido Milk Castella is made with milk actually sourced from Hokkaido. The slices are thick and resemble pound cake but have none of the weight. The sweet smell alone will make your mouth water. Did you know "Castella" was brought to Japan by Portuguese merchants in the 16th century. The name is derived from the Portuguese word "Bolo de Castela", which translates to "cake from Castile".

These are Maido favorites, their lovely fragrances combined with a fluffy and soft texture, you’re sure to enjoy every bite. White Peach Castella and Hokkaido Milk Castella are next to each other in the store. We also sell larger castella cakes at Maido which come in long boxes. However, these are the smaller snack variant so they're a different size.