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When is the Daikon Radish Season?

Originally, the season for the regular daikon is winter, from December to February. However, daikon can be found in supermarkets throughout the year, and this is because breeding has been done to change the time of harvest for each season. In addition, the taste changes with the seasons: daikon from spring to summer has a strong pungency, while daikon from fall to winter is fresh and sweet.

It'd be great if we could change cooking methods depending on the season, for example, use autumn to winter daikon with increased sweetness for dishes where we don't want to retain the spiciness (simmered dishes, oden, etc.), and use spring to summer daikon for dishes where we want to bring out the spiciness (condiments, pickles, etc.)!

There is also a difference between the parts of daikon. The upper part has a strong sweet taste and is hard, so it's suitable for stir-frying and salads. The lower part is pungent and suitable for grated daikon and marinades. The middle part is fresh and soft and suitable for stewed dishes such as oden.

Daikon Salad

Grated Radish


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