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Western Style Confectionery: Yogashi

We also offer western style Japanese confectionery at Maido. We offer the following ones frozen. If you do not feel like eating them soon after you get them, you can save them in the freezer at home for a while, and enjoy their fresh tastes and textures whenever you are ready to have them!

Orange, Swiss Milk Roll Cake (top left) Originated in Europe, the roll cakes in this form is very popular in Japan. This roll cake made by pursuing the softness and moistness of rolled dough with a secret flavor of honey. The lightly sweet Hokkaido milk whipped cream is rolled up in the softly and fluffy baked roll dough. It is cut into 6 pieces.

Orange, Fruits Swiss Roll (top right)

This roll is very similar to the one above, but this one has four kinds of fruit pulp and two kinds of sauces in addition. The filling is made with Hokkaido milk whipped cream, apple, pineapple, yellow peach, and white peach pulp, strawberry jam, and kiwi fruit sauce. It is cut into 4 pieces.

Koriyama, Steamed Cheese Bread (bottom right)

This lightly sweet steamed cheese bread was a big hit in 1990, and has been always popular. It is steamed fluffy to enhance the rich flavor of cheese. It melts in your mouth. Enjoy the delicious and nostalgic taste of Hokkaido.

Tokyo Baumkuchen, Custard Baumkuchen (bottom left)

Baumkuchen is a German pastry in the shape of a tree ring. Tokyo Baumkuchen has been making delicious sweets since 1963. This is a delicious baumkuchen with a soft texture, baked moist and custard flavored.

Orange, Mini Custard Cream Eclair (top left) Orange, Matcha Mini Cream Puff (top right) Orange, Strawberry Mini Cream Puff (top left) These bite-sized baked puffs are filled with smooth cream blended with homemade custard, fresh Hokkaido cream, and whipped cream made with pasteurized milk. The eclairs are topped with a generous amount of chocolate. The cream puffs have strawberry and matcha flavors respectively.


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