Sweet Potato Bread

New, at Maido is Sweet Potato Natural Yeast Bread! The latest addition to our baked goods selection, sweet potato natural yeast bread features our favorite layer-baking technique combined with the delicious starchy sweetness of real ube sweet potato! Ube sweet potatoes are a type of yam eaten throughout the tropical areas of the world– South America, Africa, southern Asia, and even Australia. Commonly cultivated in Okinawa, ube sweet potatoes, known as beniimo in Japanese, are known for their distinct purple color– both the skin and the flesh are totally purple! Their delicious taste and eye-popping color makes them a popular addition to all kinds of desserts, from cake, to pie, to ice cream. Experience the joy of ube sweet potato, and be sure to pick up Sweet Potato Natural Yeast Bread on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries and other essentials!

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