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Special Hinamatsuri Festivals in Japan

In recent years, unique and humorous Hinamatsuri festivals have been held throughout Japan to revitalize towns and pass on culture. Which one would you like to visit?

Kasuisai Temple in Fukuroi, Shizuoka

Every year from New Year's Day to March 31st, Hinamatsuri festival is held at the ancient temple Kasuisai in Fukuroi city in Shizuoka Prefecture. The symbol of the festival is one of the largest 32-tiered, 1,200 Hinaningyo doll decorations in Japan. The display in the Zuiryukaku guest house, a nationally registered tangible cultural property, is gorgeous and breathtaking! These dolls have once served their purpose and have been delivered at a doll memorial service. The Kasuisai Hinamatsuri Festival has been held since 2015 to let the dolls shine once again, based on the idea of cherishing the life of the Hinaningyo dolls.


Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall, Konosu, Saitama

Doll making in Konosu city in Saitama prefecture is said to have a history of about 380 years, and has been passed down to the present as a valuable local industry in Konosu. The purpose of the Konosu Hinamatsuri is to promote Konosu as a historical town and the hometown of Hinaningyo dolls, to let all citizens enjoy the festival, to welcome many tourists from outside the city, and to make the town bright and cheerful. This year's festival, the 19th, features a display of Japan's tallest pyramid Hinamatsuri display (31 tiers, 23 feet / 7m high) decorated with the Hinaningyo dolls, which has become famous nationwide, and also displays Hinaningyo dolls at other venues.


Great Inn Kashibaya in Fujieda, Shizuoka

Can you believe you can get to see the life-size Hinaningyo dolls? 15 life-size dolls at approximately 3.3 feet / 100 cm in length and 2.6-3.9 feet / 80-120 cm in height on display in Great Inn Kashibaya in Fujieda city in Shizuoka prefecture. A doll maker in the city decided to make life-size Hinaningyo dolls to improve his skills, and completed this project in 1969. The dolls look very realistic, starting from the demure expression to the frightened expression.


Gujo-Hachiman, Gifu

You can enjoy the Fukuyose (bring good luck) Hinaningyo dolls, which look as if they are alive, throughout the Gujo-Hachiman area in Gifu prefecture. Those dolls that are no longer used as the Hinaningyo dolls for various reasons go about their daily lives as if they were human beings. Some Hinaningyo doll is playing volleyball, another is cooking okonimiyaki, and so on. Gujohachiman Museum is the best place to see them all at once, but there are also more than 100 places in the castle town where you can enjoy the Hinaningyo dolls in a variety of styles.


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