Shibuya Sweet Potato Sticks

New, at Maido are Shibuya Sweet Potato Sticks! Called imo-kenpi in Japanese, sweet potato sticks are a traditional snack food that is widely available in Japan. Carried everywhere from sweets shops, to convenience stores, to tourist kiosks, nearly every place in Japan has their own unique take on kenpi. Kenpi are made by deep-frying thin strips of sweet potato until they are completely crisped, and then dousing them with a sugar glaze. The resulting snack is sweet, a touch salty, and extraordinarily crunchy. Shibuya Company is Japan’s leading brand of kenpi, known for their superior flavor and exceptional texture. We currently have Shibuya Sweet Potato Sticks in two flavors– sweet original, and savory, nutty sesame-covered. Come and try kenpi for yourself and pick up a bag of Shibuya Sweet Potato Sticks on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries, and other essentials!

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