Seafood Tonkotsu Dipping Ramen

Here at Maido we are proud to present the latest, limited edition release from our favorite noodle manufacturer Sun Noodle! Introducing Seafood Tonkotsu Dipping Ramen! Dipping ramen as a concept was first engineered by famous ramen innovator Kazuo Yamagishi. Yamagishi was inspired by more traditional dishes such as nihon soba, and sought to make a ramen counterpart where the noodles were served separately from the broth. Over the years, a thick, savory seafood and pork bone broth was developed to complement the extra thick, chewy and bouncy-textured noodles. Sun Noodle’s Seafood Tonkotsu Dipping Ramen has everything you need to enjoy quality dipping ramen right in your kitchen. Spruce up your dinner, and be sure to grab a pack from our frozen noodle section on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries, and other essentials!

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