Popin Cookin' Restock!

We are pleased to announce that Popin Cookin’ gummy kits are back in stock! Supply chain disruptions nationwide have caused considerable delays in restocking and we thank you all for your patience while we wait for beloved and popular items to return to our shelves. We currently have our full variety of Popin Cookin kits available-- tanoishii sushi, hamburger, cake, waffle, ramen, and gummy land! Perfect for date nights and slumber parties, Popin Cookin gummy kits let you make your very own gummy candies and miniature sweets, in a whole host of cute shapes and flavors right in your home. Each Popin Cookin’ kit contains everything you’ll need: ingredients, molds, and even mini utensils for mixing and handling. Unleash your inner confectionary chef and be sure to grab Popin Cookin on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries, and other essentials.

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