Paintable Fake Eyelashes

We received some items for eye makeup from Dejavu recently. Their makeup products have been very popular, especially their mascara. People who wear makeup in Japan must know about it with its nickname "Paintable Fake Eyelashes". Of course, the company that produces such a popular item also produces other amazing items! We'll introduce what we've got to offer today. :)

What Dejavu has always valued and will continue to value is to answer the requests to their customers voices such as "We never had this, and we always wanted this". They're committed to deliver that kind of excitement and results that meet those expectations, to give you confidence for tomorrow with new makeup, to let your hidden worries and dissatisfactions disappear so that your hearts will be lightened. Dejavu believes that this change of mind can even change your gaze. The result is in the gaze. So, they focus on producing eye makeup products.