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Paintable Fake Eyelashes

We received some items for eye makeup from Dejavu recently. Their makeup products have been very popular, especially their mascara. People who wear makeup in Japan must know about it with its nickname "Paintable Fake Eyelashes". Of course, the company that produces such a popular item also produces other amazing items! We'll introduce what we've got to offer today. :)

What Dejavu has always valued and will continue to value is to answer the requests to their customers voices such as "We never had this, and we always wanted this". They're committed to deliver that kind of excitement and results that meet those expectations, to give you confidence for tomorrow with new makeup, to let your hidden worries and dissatisfactions disappear so that your hearts will be lightened. Dejavu believes that this change of mind can even change your gaze. The result is in the gaze. So, they focus on producing eye makeup products.


Fiber Wig Long Type Mascara


Natural Brown

This is Dejavu's so-called "Paintable Fake Eyelashes", which has been the best-selling mascara in Japan in the past 17 years in its "long" type. It's a mascara that can be applied to make your own eyelashes look longer. The liquid has been made smoother for better application. The brush has also evolved, with more fibers in a row and longer lashes than ever before. We have them available in two colors - 1. a glossy and deep black that doesn't dull over time, and 2. dark, clear, yet gentle impression natural brown.

Product Features

1. A fresh film liquid containing plenty of fibers is used. The more you apply, the longer the fibers connect to the tips of your lashes.

2. The smooth film liquid coats the lashes with every fiber. No matter how many coats are applied, there are no clumps, and the lashes look smooth and shiny. It's as if your own eyelashes have grown as they are.

3. It repels sebum, sweat, and tears, and is resistant to rubbing, so there's no panda eyes (Japanese people say panda eyes are when your makeup comes off and around your eyes get black) all day long. (Effects may vary depending on the individual). When removing it, simply dab gently with plenty of warm water for easy removal.

4. It fits firmly to the base of the eyelashes. The long hair of the mascara separates lashes firmly while the film liquid and fibers are applied generously to the lashes to create length.

5. It contains moisturizing ingredients: hydrolyzed silk, apple fruit extract, and honey.


  • Fit the concave part of the brush at the base of the lashes, and apply the film solution to the lashes as if you were lifting the entire lash line.

  • To further lengthen lashes, after finishing the entire lashes, hold the brush vertically and apply the film to the tips of the lashes as if you were trying to stamp the fiber onto the tips of the lashes with the tip of the brush.

  • For a longer lasting curl, use curler first and then apply. If using curlers after application, apply curlers gently after lashes are completely dry.

  • If you get some around your eyes when applying, rub with a cotton swab after it gets dry to remove it cleanly.


Lasting Fine Cream Pencil Eyeliner

Real Black

Dark Brown

Mauve Brown

Pure Brown

Khaki Black

This is well-known Dejavu's "Adhesive Eyeliner" cream pencil that has won 45 awards in beauty magazines etc. This pencil-type eyeliner is creamy and smooth. It has an oval core that allows you to draw ultra-fine to thick lines at will. The adhesion ingredients provide long-lasting, smudge-proof wear, so beautiful lines last all day long.

Product Features

1. It's the thinnest Dejavu pencil eyeliner ever. You can draw flexible from ultra-fine to thick lines. A 1.5mm x 3mm / 0.06" x 0.1" oval lead is used. Using the thin side of the core makes it easy to create ultra-fine lines. If you use the wide side, you can quickly create thicker impact lines.

2. You'll get an ultimate smoothness drawing experience. It's extremely gentle on the skin. The loose-pigment formula provides a smooth, easy-to-draw wick. Even the smallest details can be drawn without stress.

3. Natural lines last all day (Effects may vary depending on the individual). Adhesive ingredients firmly coat the drawn lines. So it's resistant to sebum, sweat, tears, and rubbing. It's a super waterproof type that doesn't smudge.

4. It contains beauty ingredients that moisturize your skin: Ceramide NP, rosemary extract, squalane.


  • When you use it for the first time, draw a little on your hand to tame the core before you start drawing. After that, it isn't necessary anymore.

  • The lead is very soft, so if you draw too hard, it may break. Please use the lead with only 1mm / 0.04" of lead out. Even if you put out too much lead, you can put it back.

  • Close the cap until it clicks. The cap must be sealed to ensure that the lead lasts for a long time. If the cap isn't closed, the core will harden, making it difficult to draw.

  • For a better application, gently pull the skin around the eyes to the side. It'll make it easier to draw.

  • It can be removed with your regular cleanser.


Lasting Fine Brush Liquid Eyeliner

Deep Black

Medium Brown

Black Brown

It's another "Adhesive Eyeliner" with a flexible liquid brush. With an ultra-fine brush that draws smoothly, this eyeliner allows you to draw both delicate and thick lines as you wish. Since it's a film type, it can be easily removed with warm water, even though it's water proof. Product Features 1. The brush is moderately flexible and easy to control, allowing you to draw both delicate and thick lines as you wish. 2. With this, beautiful eye-lines last all day (Effects may vary depending on the individual). A highly formulated line-keeping agent forms a film with water-repellent effects. It protects lines from sebum, sweat, tears, and rubbing. It's a water-proof type that doesn't smudge. 3. It's a film type that can be wiped off with warm water. It's resistant to sebum, sweat, tears, and rubbing, yet can be easily removed with warm water. 4. It contains beauty ingredients that moisturize your skin: hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, and rosemary extract. Tips

  • Gently pull the skin around the eyes to the side to make it easier to draw.

  • For a more striking look, lift the eyelid slightly and fill in the space between the lashes to create a more defined eye. Drawing a line that extends slightly beyond the corner of the eye emphasizes the width of the eye and makes the eye appear larger.

  • To draw a natural line that goes up at the end, draw a curved line that extends beyond the lower eyelid.

  • To draw a finer line, hold the brush tip vertically.

***** Powder Eyebrow Pencil

Natural Brown

Greyish Brown

Warm Brown

It's a powder eyebrow pencil with an oval fine core, blended with 3 different powder colors to create three-dimensional eyebrows. Just quickly draw and blur, and your natural eyebrows will adhere perfectly. It's waterproof. This product has won 7 titles in beauty magazines etc.

Product Features

1. You can just draw your eyebrows and blend them for the natural finish of powder. It's an eyebrow pencil made by kneading powder into a pencil shape. The formula loosens as you draw, creating a fluffy finish. The 1.5mm x 3mm / 0.06" x 0.1" oval fine core allows you to draw individual eyebrows if you use the thin side of the core, while the wide side allows you to draw a fluffy, thick line at once.

2. The color design mixes three color powders in perfect balance to create a 3 dimensional eyebrow makeup as if three colors of powder were layered in a single product.

3. You can have natural eyebrows that last all day (Effects may vary depending on the individual). With the microcrystalline wax, the powder adheres to eyebrow hair and even sparse hair such as the furrows of the eyebrows. It's waterproof against sebum, perspiration, and rubbing, which can make the makeup come off.


  • Drawing - Draw a little at a time with a light touch. The thin end of the brush can be used to draw individual hair, while the thick end can be used to draw wider and fluffier.

  • Blending - Use the included brush to blur the powder along the flow of the eyebrows.

  • Finish - Natural-looking eyebrows can be done in one easy step!

  • For a more sculpted brow, use the brush to start at the edge of the brow and work your way up against the flow of hairs, then brush lightly along the flow of hairs to finish.

  • If you use too much lead, it may break. Please use with only 1mm / 0.04" of wand out. If you take out too much, it can be put back.

  • It can be removed with your regular makeup remover.

  • Close the cap until it snaps into place. The cap must be sealed to ensure long-lasting use. If the cap is not closed, the core will harden, making it difficult to draw.

There is a lot more cool items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store, and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Maido! also offers online grocery shopping with options for curbside pickup and home delivery!* *Some restrictions may apply.

Happy shopping. :)



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