New Calpico Melon!

Calpico, or Calpis as it's known in other countries, is a unique dairy-based drink. If you’re a frequent shopper at our store, then you might know we used sell five different flavors. Original, Strawberry, Mango, White Peach, and Lychee. Recently, we got a new flavor in stock: Melon.

If you like eating melon to cool down, I think you’ll find this melon drink will do the same. Having tried it, I think it has a nice cool bite to its flavor. The melon taste doesn’t over power your mouth but leaves you feeling refreshed. I’ve personally tried all six, and am a huge fan. Each drink really embodies the fruit it's mixed with. It hits just the right spot of sweet but not too sweet, tangy and a surprisingly fruity.

You shouldn’t be surprised to know it’s one of Japan’s best selling beverages for over 100 years with people getting hooked in more than 25 countries around the world. Actually the origin of the name "Calpis" is "Calcium" and the Sanskrit word "Salpis" (meaning the best taste). The name was coined by the founder Mishima Kaiun. The founder had gone on a trip to Mongolia where he encountered stomach issues due to the