Natural Makeup Products

Do you wear makeup, or are you interested in wearing it? Some people must love doing it, but even then, isn't it sometimes too much that it takes a lot of time to wear it, then taking more time to remove it later? You might have fallen asleep before removing your makeup? Especially after the pandemic, you spent longer periods of time at home and got too lazy wearing it, didn't you? Or maybe your skin is very sensitive and you just can't wear a makeup? Maybe you have a sleepover and want to keep your makeup on all night? Do you want to use cosmetics that are better for your skin? For those who agreed to at least one of these questions, we've got amazing products. We recently received "Suhada Kinenbi" by Sana. You'll surely love them!

"Suhada Kinenbi", which means "Bare Skin Anniversary" is a makeup series by Sana. They produced this series with a wish that they want you to be confident in your bare skin with their products. They use natural ingredients for your makeup products that make your skin look as close as possible to bare skin.

What is the most attractive about this series is that you don't have to remove your makeup, and just go to bed without washing your face. The ingredients are good for your skin. They make your skin more beautiful as you leave them on. Even if you want to wash your face, you don't need a makeup remover. You can just wash it with a soap or face wash.

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