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Nameraka Morning Moisture Sheet Mask Pack

Wish your morning skincare routine could be a little simpler? Well, it just so happens that wish is easy to grant with Nameraka Morning Moisture Sheet Masks. These face masks have a 4-in-1 function of cleanser, toner, mask and primer to get you face ready for your day in one easy step. Simply apply the sheet mask for 10-15 minutes, pat residual essence into your skin, and you’ll be ready to go for your favorite makeup look, or right out the door if you choose. Nameraka morning moisture sheet masks use powerful soy derived isoflavones for antioxidant and anti-aging treatment, along with soothing moisture which leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and plump without any traces of stickiness. Each pack comes with 32 sheet masks and have the best results if used daily. Simplify your morning routine, and be sure to grab a Nameraka Morning Moisture and Sheet Mask pack on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries, and other essentials!

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