Mayo, What's The Difference?

Updated: May 24

Mayonnaise, Let's Talk About It

Mayonnaise, we’ve all heard of it, if not used in a plethora of recipes ranging from a simple sandwich to your grandma’s secret egg salad recipe she refuses to pass on. That’s why I was quite surprised to learn that there was a different type of mayo out there. Even in my memories of the one trip I took to Japan I thought that the mayo was the same just in Japan.

However it wasn't until I started working at Maido that I learned they were different. Quite a few customers ask us about it often. “What’s the difference between Japanese mayo and American mayo?” they say. Japanese mayo is still mayo, but it doesn’t taste quite the same as American mayo.

Kewpie mayo was created in 1925 using only the yolk of the egg. This gives the mayo a rich eggy flavor. It’s also mixed with ingredients including some brewed vinegar, edible vegetable oil, salt, and spices. All together the mayo ends up with a thick yet creamy smooth texture with a slightly sweet taste. Thanks to this combination the mayo keeps its fresh taste without chemical preservatives. The bottle Kewpie mayo comes in also makes it easier to use.