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Kokuyo Campus Series Notebooks and Paper

New to our stationery section are Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebooks and SaraSara Looseleaf paper! The Smart Ring Binder Notebooks are slim and lightweight with a translucent plastic cover. The most unique feature of the Smart Ring Binder Notebook is it’s spine. At a glance, these notebooks appear to be simply spiral bound, but closer examination reveals something different. The plastic rings along the spine can be opened and closed like those of a typical 3-ring binder, making it so that pages can be easily rearranged, added or removed from the notebook. This feature makes the Smart Ring Binder Notebook infinitely reusable while still maintaining the thin profile and light weight of a typical notebook.

The interior of these notebooks features Kokuyo signature SaraSara Looseleaf paper, which we are also selling separately in packs of 100 sheets. Both the SaraSara paper and the Binder Notebook are sized according to the Japanese standard B5 paper, measuring 7.2” by 10.1”, making the paper slightly smaller than standard American Letter size. The paper is ruled at 6 mm, which is comparable to college rule, and is extra smooth for easy writing. SaraSara paper is formulated so that inks do not feather, smudge, or bleed through even when written on with ink-heavy implements such as markers or fountain pens, and is heavy enough that it can handle fairly vigorous erasing without tearing. The paper is also not quite pure white in color, appearing to be closer to a light shade of ivory. This color difference makes standard ink colors pop and is somewhat easier on the eyes than pure white paper. Everything about the Smart Ring Binder Notebook and SaraSara paper has been constructed with consideration to create the ideal writing experience. These notebooks and paper are absolutely perfect for school, work, or even writing for pleasure. Be sure to pick up yours, along with other essential groceries and supplies, at Maido today!


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