Karamucho Chips!

Trying spicy food is a nice way to change up our regular eating routine. The same can be said for snacks. Trying out a new flavor of chips is fun and yummy, especially if you like spicy flavors.

We just got in three new chips and they’re all spicy! Super Hot Chili chips, Corn Snack Hot Chili chips, and Corn Snack Spicy Curry chips. Each one packs a nice punch with its own distinct blend of spices. And each one has a nice aromatic smell that draws you in once you open the bag. My personal favorite is the ‘Super Hot Chili’ chips because they have a tiny hint of sweet mixed in with all the spiciness. With the addition of these three flavors we now sell seven kinds of Karamucho chips!

Fun fact, the name is a play on the Japanese word “Karai” meaning “Spicy” and the Spanish word "Mucho", meaning "a lot" and has been present on the market since 1984. Koike-ya, the company that created Karamucho chips, was established in 1953. They originally made and sold traditional Japanese snacks. It wasn’t until 1967, that Koike-ya became the first mass production company of potato chips in Japan. Be sure to snag a bag of these popular tasty chips next time you stop into Maido for all your Japanese grocery needs!

Do you have any food allergies? Of the the eight major allergens, these products contain two: SOY BEANS and WHEAT.

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