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Kanro Candy Takikomi Gohan

Takikomi gohan, or mixed rice is a fairly simple dish that tastes great and has plenty of options for customization. Typically served as a side to a grilled dish like fish or meat, takikomi gohan is made by simply cooking additional ingredients, such as seasonings, meat, and vegetables, in your rice cooker with your rice. Takikomi gohan is the ultimate in one-pot foods, as the action of the rice cooker is enough to perfectly prepare any ingredients and fuse the flavors. This particular take on takikomi gohan features an interesting seasoning component-- Kanro candies! Made using soy sauce and sugar, Kanro candies are a type of hard candy with a gently sweet, salty and slightly savory flavor. Adding them to takikomi gohan not only adds a subtly sweet dimension to a typically savory dish, but also leaves a mild glazed texture on the rice. This action leaves the rice both slightly crunchy at first bite, and slightly chewy as the grains break down in your mouth. Check out the following recipe-- part of a whole series on Kanro’s website dedicated to showing how to use their candy in cooking-- to try a new, sweet take on a traditional one-pot dish.

Kanro Candy Takikomi Gohan

Serves 2-3


2 cups rice

2 pieces thick-cut bacon

¾ cup fresh shiitake mushrooms

1 inch square of dry kombu kelp

2 tsp soy sauce

1 tablespoon ryorishu cooking sake

1 piece Kanro candy


  • First wash and drain the rice.

  • Cut the bacon into 1 inch pieces, and slice the shiitake mushrooms into ¼ inch strips.

  • Transfer the rice to a rice cooker and add water up to the 2 cup line.

  • Add the liquid ingredients (soy sauce, ryorishu) and the kanro candy. For sweeter, more strongly flavored takikomi gohan, add a second (or third!) piece.

  • Add the bacon, shiitake mushroom and kombu kelp, placing it on top of the rice, but not mixing it.

  • Close up your rice cooker and allow to cook for the standard time.

  • Fluff the rice and mix well prior to serving, and enjoy!



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