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New at Maido are the famous Jagarico Potato Sticks! For those who are not familiar, Jagarico is an especially crunchy, flavorful potato snack. Made from seasoned, mashed potatoes extruded in a stick-like shape and deep-fried, Jagarico remains one of the most popular snacks in Japan, and has been released in over 100 flavors since 1995. Most of the flavors have been for limited release, but three of the most enduring ones have been brought here to Maido for your enjoyment. We currently have Original Salad flavor, Hokkaido Butter, and Umami Seaweed. Original Salad flavor is made with carrots and parsley, giving it a light and sweet taste to balance with the saltiness and starchiness of the potato. Hokkaido Butter is smooth and rich, with the butteriness appearing towards the end of the bite, and Umami Seaweed is gently savory and quite salty with a flavor similar to salt and seaweed rice crackers. One bite of each will tell you why these three varieties have endured the test of time in Japan as popular flavors.

In addition to being a perfect crunchy snack, Jagarico Potato Sticks can also be mixed with a small amount of water to become a single-size serving of mashed potatoes! Simply fill the pouch with about 1 inch of hot water from the bottom, close it and wait for 3 minutes. Then, stir the Jagarico with a spoon to fully mash. Add a squirt of Japanese mayo for extra flavor and enjoy an instantly ready mashed potato salad. The result is a surprisingly flavorful, nicely textured potato treat-- hardly something you would expect from out of a snack bag. Make sure to pick up Jagarico on your next trip to Maido, or toss it in your e-grocery cart while ordering groceries online today!


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