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Gatsby's Hair Wax

Since its launch in 1978, Gatsby has been a men's cosmetic brand that has always proposed "latest coolness" and has established a high level of recognition and trust through its reliable quality rooted in research on men's total grooming. The brand has established itself as a widely supported brand not only in Japan but also all over the world, especially in Asia.


Moving Rubber Wax

Gatsby's Moving Rubber Wax has been #1 series in the Japanese men's hair wax market in total sales every year since 2017. The moving rubber ingredient allows you to move your hair as many times as you want! With this wax, you can get the finish as you want! Each kind of wax in the series was supervised by a popular hair salon, so you'll surely find the one that you want. Regular product updates reflect trends and user feedback. This may actually be the secret to maintaining the No. 1 position in sales. Right now, we offer "Spiky Edge" and "Cool Wet". Those two cover all the hair lengths.

Spiky Edge: It's a cream wax collaborated with a hair salon in Shibuya, Tokyo called Roots.

Length: Very Short - Short

Style: Strong standing up, dynamic spiky style

Hot to style:

Stylish Wet: It's a cream wax collaborated with a hair salon in Shibuya, Tokyo called VeLO.

Length: Short - Longer than Medium

Style: Wet and hard, with a lasting style

How to style:


Inside Lock

Gatsby's Inside Lock has high setting and holding power and keeps your style in place for a long time. It spreads well and is easily absorbed throughout the hair. It contains mineral oil and beeswax for styling with less stress on the hair. The form gets maintained even with humidity. You won't notice much breakage even when the wind blows. Calming citrus scent will leave your hair feeling refreshed and relaxed. The simple yet stylish package design is the secret to its popularity.

Natural Lift: This cream wax adds some volume to your hair, and keeps it softly styled and in place.

Length: Very Short - Short

Style: Style with some playful movement

Motion Control: This cream wax makes each strand of hair stand up and create a bundled look that is not overdone.

Length: Very Short - Medium

Style: Natural and airy stle


They're here, waiting for you. :) We have a lot more hair care products and other personal care products in stock!

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