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Eat Pork to Stay Healthy

Eating pork is good for diet? The proteins that make up meat are made by combining amino acids. When you eat meat, it is broken down into amino acids, and then the amino acids are recombined to form your muscles. The process of breaking down the amino acids consumes a lot of calories and raises the body temperature, so eating meat is the same as eating while exercising. The calorie content of food is simply the total energy, but since meat consumes a large amount of calories while ingesting calories, the amount of calories left in the body is surprisingly small. Low calories and high protein are effective for weight loss. When you eat meat, you may feel full and think you have eaten too much, but this is because it contains serotonin, a substance that makes you feel full. Pork makes you feel full with a surprisingly small amount, which helps you avoid overeating and snacking. Pork is a good ally in the prevention of anemia Vitamin B1, which is abundant in pork, converts carbohydrates into energy and helps relieve fatigue by eliminating lactic acid and other fatiguing substances. Do you think spinach is better than pork for intaking iron? Spinach is known as the common source of iron, but the iron in pork is 5 to 10 times more easily absorbed than that in spinach. That is why pork is very effective in preventing anemia. It is recommended for a tired liver The peptides found in thigh meat are called pork peptides. Pork peptides not only improve liver function, but they also keep excess cholesterol from entering the blood vessels. You can refresh your liver with pork after drinking too much alcohol. Pork keeps you full of energy even in old age Japan has the world's longest life expectancy, but it is also true that many elderly people are bedridden. With the increased life expectancy of the elderly, they need a certain amount of energy to live a long and healthy life. Although Japan's diet has greatly improved since the end of World War II, it is easy to fall back on a low-protein, low-fat diet in old age. This is a reversion to prewar Japan, where the average life expectancy was short. Even if the life of a person is not immediately endangered, the lack of cholesterol is a major reason why so many Japanese are bedridden due to poor health. We need to eat pork to stay healthy!


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