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Easy Office Lunch Part 1

What do you usually eat for lunch? Meals are something you eat every day, but even if you love to cook, it is hard to prepare food every day, isn't it? Did you know that Maido offers a variety of instant foods that can be easily prepared and pastries that are already ready to eat? This week, we will introduce them to you. You can bring them to your office, or of course simply eat them at home. We will also introduce eco-friendly cutleries, lunch boxes, tote bags, and water bottles as well. Here we go!


Instant Cooked Rice

Have you ever tried any of them? They are cooked rice, a classic instant food in Japan. They are microwavable, so you can enjoy cooked rice within a few minutes. Instructions are also on each pack, but you open the package to the dotted line and microwave for the specified time.The quality of rice is surprisingly good. It comes out fluffy and delicious.

This is off topic, but in recent years, more and more people are using cooked rice as emergency rations to prepare for disasters. Since power outages are common in times of emergency such as earthquakes and typhoons, it is important to know how to heat up cooked rice when there is no microwave available, such as by boiling over hot water. If you do not have a microwave anyway, you can use some boiled water in a pot as well.

How to heat up with boiled water in a pot

1. Boil water in a pot.

2. Put the entire pack in the hot water with the lid side up. When heating multiple or packs at the same time, be careful not to stack them on top of each other.

3. Heat the pot without the lid.

4. The rice will be warm enough to eat in 4 to 5 minutes, and will taste warm and freshly cooked in another 5 to 10 minutes. The time varies depending on the amount of rice and heating conditions, so adjust accordingly.

How to heat up in a frying pan 1. Put the contents of the package (rice) and about 50 ml of water in a frying pan. 2. Cover the frying pan and heat over low heat on a stove. If you do not have a lid, add a little more water to heat the rice to make it softer. 3. Cook for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring gently halfway through.


Instant Miso Soup

The appeal of instant miso soup is that it is easy to make, just pour in hot water and mix. Making miso soup from the scratch involves many steps and can be a hassle when you are busy. Instant miso soup is quick and convenient to use on busy days or when you want one more dish without spending time in the kitchen. Simply pour in the prescribed amount of hot water to make a delicious miso soup with just the right flavor. Add this easy-to-use instant miso soup to your daily meals and enjoy a satisfying diet.

There are usually two types of instant miso soup: freeze-dried and fresh miso types. Choose according to the factors that are important to you.

Freeze-dried: Recommended for those who want easy access to nutrition If you want to take in the nutritional benefits of miso soup easily, we recommend the freeze-dried type. Freeze-dried miso soup is made by freezing miso paste and ingredients quickly and then drying them, and its advantage is that its nutritional value and flavor are not easily lost because it is not heat treated. Another advantage of freeze-dried miso is that it is easier to make than the fresh miso type, as there is no need to dissolve the miso. The freeze-dried type is also ideal for those who want to stockpile miso for storage. Some products have a shelf life of three years or longer. It can be easily eaten with hot water, so it is a good idea to buy in bulk and stock up for emergencies.

Fresh Miso: Perfect for those who want to taste the original miso flavor

If you want to enjoy the original flavor and aroma of miso as it is, choose the raw miso type. Because it is made by dissolving fresh miso in hot water, you can enjoy the deep flavor of homemade miso soup.

It is also perfect for those who want to enjoy instant miso soup at a reasonable price. The raw miso type is more affordable, so it is easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

This freeze-dried miso soup is currently on sale at the store! It comes with four different kinds of ingredients (deep-fried eggplant, vegetables, tofu, and deep-fried tofu) and two of each, in total of eight servings. It is made with two kinds of dashi (soup stock): bonito and kelp. Deep-fried eggplant and deep-fried tofu are made with umami-rich red miso paste, giving them a full-bodied flavor. Vegetables and tofu are made with a refreshing white miso󠄀, giving the vegetables a sweet taste and the tofu a simple flavor.You will be surprised by the quality of this miso soup. It tastes fresh, just like the one that was made at your kitchen.

(Recipe) Upgraded Instant Miso Soup

Instant miso soup is a reassuring friend to busy people. When it is too much trouble to cook, you can have hot miso soup just by pouring hot water into the bowl. With just a few simple additions, this instant miso soup can be transformed into an even more nutritious and delicious dish. Warm your body and soul during the cool and cold seasons.

<Natto Wakame Miso Soup>

Ingredients (1 serving):

1 instant miso soup

1 package natto (fermented soybeans)

1 tsp dried wakame seaweed


1. Mix the natto.

2. Put all the ingredients in a bowl.

3. Pour hot water, stir, and it's done! The natto matches the miso soup and is rich and quite tasty. Wakame seaweed is also included in the dish, so it is very filling!


<Natto Wakame Miso Soup>

Ingredients (1 serving):

1 instant miso soup

2 tbsp of kimchi

A small pack of tofu (about 1/4 of the full size)


1. Cut the tofu into pieces and microwave for 30 seconds.

2. Put all the ingredients in a bowl.

3. Pour hot water, stir, and it's done! Even though this is an instant miso soup, you will feel as if you are eating kimchi hot pot. Eating spicy food is a great way to get through the cool weather.


Retort Japanese Curry

Have you tried the curry in a pouch? It is called retort curry and can be easily cooked by heating in a microwave oven or boiling in hot water. (You can follow the directions on the packaging, but you have to make sure to put the curry in a bowl, making sure not to put the pouch in a microwave. Or, you can heat up the pouch in boiling water without opening it.) It is suitable for short cooking time. We carry two different brands and you can pick a different levels of spiciness: mild, medium hot, hot, and etra hot. (Each brand uses its own standard to classify the level of spiciness.) Retort curry is curry made by sterilizing it in a pressurized thermal sterilizer. By heating curry under pressure in a pressurized thermal sterilizer, the curry is heated to a high temperature of 100°C or higher, which can be expected to have a sterilizing effect. It does not require the use of preservatives or sterilizers, and can be stored at room temperature for a long period of time, making it convenient for stockpiling in times of disaster. Another feature of this product is that by applying pressure, the inside of the retort pouch becomes as if it is being stewed in a pressure cooker. As it is slowly simmered, the curry inside is also made tastier.

(Recipe) Curry Toast

Simply pouring curry over bread and toasting it transforms it into a dish that can be easily enjoyed!

Ingredients (3 slices of bread):

1 box of instant curry of your choice

3 slices of bread

2.1 oz./60 g of shredded or sliced cheese


1. Spread 1/3 of the curry on 3 slices of bread.

2. Top each with 0.7 oz./20 g of cheese.

3. Toast in a toaster oven.


It is easier to eat the curry ingredients on the bread after crushing them in the pouch.


We'll introduce more items in the next blog post!


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)


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