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Easy Daikon Radish Recipe

It's September, but it's still hot, and you must want something refreshing to eat. This week, we'll introduce some recipes using daikon radish including the leaves.

Shirasu Baby Sardine with Oroshi (Grated) Purple Daikon Radish, Ohba Leaves, and Sudachi Citrus Fruit

For this recipe, our manager used the Bora King Daikon that she grew from the seeds from Kitazawa Seed Company that we offered at the store last spring. However, you can replace the purple daikon to the regular daikon.

Purple daikon seems to have more sweetness than pungency compared to other types of daikon. The outer skin is thick and hard, and the flesh itself is very textured. You can enjoy this crunchy texture when it is raw. The recommended way to eat it is thinly sliced or shredded in a salad to make the most of its beautiful purple color.

We usually start selling the seeds during the spring. Then, you can grow, harvest, and eat them during the summer. See the photo below. That's how many you can harvest from a packet of seeds. Next spring, come get them at Maido and let's grow some vegetables!

Ingredients Serves: 2 Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total: 5 minutes 200g / 7 oz. daikon radish 40g / 1.4 oz. shirasu baby sardine 4 ohba leaves 1/8 sudachi citrus fruit Optional soy sauce to your liking

Cut off the leaves (Don't throw them away. There will a recipe for the daikon leaves in our next blog post which will be posted on Thursday!). Rinse the skin until the soil is gone.

Peel the the daikon skin. Grate or chop it. Cut the sudachi.

Squeeze sudachi over daikon. It turns red like magic! Then, it's ready already. You can enjoy it as it is, over rice, over tofu, etc.


You can also enjoy daikon in different ways. In this picture, daikon and ohba leaves are chopped up, and put over sashimi!

What we offer at the store for this recipe

Suzuki Farm, Daikon Radish

Daiei, Shirasu, 1.4 oz.

Suzuki Farm, Ohba

Suzuki Farm, Sudachi

Kikkoman, Smooth Aromatic Soy Sauce, 6.8 floz. (200 ml)

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