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Character Culture in Japan - What's Yurukyara?

Yurukyara, short for Yurui character, which means cute, laidback, and unsophisticated designed mascot characters, are the mascot characters used for regional development, introduction of local specialty products, information and PR of the region in general such as events and various campaigns, and corporate identity of companies and organizations all over Japan. Those used especially for the purpose of regional PR are also called Gotochikyara (Gotochi character), which means local character. They even sell local costumed products such as Gotochi Hello Kitty (local Hello Kitty). A lot of people buy them as souvenirs everywhere they travel.

In a narrow sense, "yurukyara" is limited to mascot characters that have become costumed mascots of the national government, local governments, and other public organizations, etc., but in a broader sense, it includes all promotional characters of companies and organizations that are intended or effective as advertising.

Yurukyara from all over Japan. The bear one in the middle - Kumamon is one of the most famous and popular Yurukyara.

Kumamon Yogurt Ame Candy, 3.5 oz.

There used to be an annual Yurukyara Grand Prix, but it ended in 2020

Each prefecture has their own costumed Hello Kitty!

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